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    Remove water separator and fuel filter lines

    Hi, I have a 1996 polaris sl700

    Today I tried to remove the water separator and couldn't. I tried with a oil filter wrench, my hands, and a water pliers and it wont budge. Is there a special way to remove it? I also didn't see anything inside but gas, no screen, spring or anything as I could see.

    Also I removed the filters and the lines that where attached to them. I didn't take note at which line went where. Does it matter? If this helps I put the longer hose on the upper nozzle of the fuel switch and the shorter on the lower nozzle of the fuel switch.

    One more thing, how can I remove the old reg. sticker from the hull?

    Please help!!
    Thank you !!!!!!!!

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    The Polaris online parts reference diagrams might help you figure out which hose goes where.

    There have been several threads discussing how to remove the stickers and decals. Search and ye shall find

    Hint - look in all the forums, not just Polaris.

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    No special way to remove them. Just unscrew the black ring in normal direction. (lefty loosey)

    It may be an older water seperator. They didn't have the float or filter inside them.

    Yes the hoses matter where they go. Check the online manual for help.

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