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    Is this correct!

    Well i finally got around to starting my ski after my piston rebuild.When it ran my front piston would run hotter then the rear,i just thought by the time the water got to it ,it was warmer from passing by the rear piston..Well since after letting the engine run on the hose for about half hour it seemed to cool down a lil..Is this because i just needed to break in the rings,were they a lil tight in there,i also discovered a had a hole in the waterbox could this have caused that piston to run hotter,and when the water filled the hull up to the bottom of the waterbox where the hole was,did that make the piston run cooler?? its seems really weird.maybe there was some kind of back pressure issue causing the piston to run hotter and not get the correct water flow...Well im stumbled,does anyone have any answers?? I know its not the carbs because i switched them from one to the other and it didnt change,until like i said it ran for about 20 mins...

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    You need to break in the new rings by running it under a load, not running it on a trailer. That is the worse you can do to set the rings. Need to vary the throttle under load in the water for at least a tank of gas. Cylinder might be hot die to lean condition from carb.

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    cylinders are not running lean the plugs are the nicest chocolate color ive ever seen i have the mix ratio perfect,and i pulled the tank and cleaned along with all the lines on the ski...The carbs arent an issue to this problem at all...I took them all apart and cleaned them up very well..

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    sounds like you got many prbs, I've never seen a hole in a OEM waterbox, must of been a salt water ski that was abused.

    Also if you don't wish to listen to advise why bother coming here for answers?

    Like was pointed out to you the ski engine needs to be broken in properly, your just glazing the cylinders over running on a hose besides the carrier bearing/ carbon ring must of been RED HOT, which is really bad-bad

    besides a ski runng with NO LOAD is gonna be choc-brown always, LOL


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    i really dont see how i was not listening to you guys,im just trying to give the most info on what i know,if i had taken this ski into the water to test,it would of sunk due to the hole in the exhaust waterbox..this ski was only a freshwater ski but it had been sitting for almost 7 years in someones back yard ,never had the water cleaned out..the acid in the rain and from different lake waters sitting in a ski can kill anything...Im not trying to come off as a know it all just trying to see if this is normal,and trying to save me a tow across a lake,,sorry if i offended someone..i actually think this is a very informative site!!

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    Replace waterbox and see if the problem goes away.

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    Who taught you how to break in a set of rings? That's about the worst way you could do it, just as TLR stated.

    Doo a search...much info for the next time you try it.

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