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    Triton Elite Trailer bunk question

    I have a Triton Elite 2 place trailer anyone have any pics or ideas for fast change so I can take my RXP-X off and put my Superjet on.... I have the 2 RXP-X's on now and just got a Superjet haven't had a chance to put it on the trailer yet since I have to make a stand for my RXP first so I can pull that off... It would be great to make a quick change for the bunks...

    Plus any ideas to get the RXP-X on and off the trailer easy?


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    I bet you could order another set of brackets and leave them on all the time (in between). Try it with the ones on the other side first.

    To get a SXR on my Elite we turn them backwards so they angle the other way.

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    Use some silicone spray on the bunks the skis will slide right off.

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    just build a third bunk at the front of the trailer?

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