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    what prop for my 96 xp 800 ?

    ski is bone stock. completely bone stock. i want more bottom end power from my ski. i am ditching the choke for a primer set up, and am going with some aftermarket filters. now what do i want as far as a prop and intakegrate ?i dont get to smooth water much, mostly mild chop and swells. what might i want for a prop and grate package ? thanks !

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    You might want to post this on the Sea Doo 2-Stroke page. But IIRC, when you go to aftermarket filters, you need to change jets to run richer. I would get that done before I changed impellers... Ron

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    solas 16/23

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    aftermarket flame arrestor will require a pop off change to ensure proper mixture of fuel or it will have a lean spot. a tad richer on the main jet wouldnt hurt after a filter switch and a choke removal but would be a good place to send them if in question.

    also, they know what impellers work best. solas XI or solas XO are the impellers they used back in the day and i run a XO. if your in chop and want hookup, go with a deep scoop of some sort, it will cut down top speed on glass water but thats not your problem, you need hook up and want acceleration. you can also opt for a swirl impeller for great hookup/acceleration along with some trim wings and ride plate extender.

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    I would tell Impros what you have and let them re pitch for you. Best bang for your buck..
    There in Colton Ca...

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