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    New 2008 Ultra LX $6500

    I have a 2008 STX 15F and found this deal. Thinking about getting it for the wife. With MSRP at $9700 seems like a steal. Anyone have any experience with it? Recommendations?

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    seems like a good deal. However, I'd spend about 2 k more and get an ultra 250 and give the wife the 15f

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    Yes a good deal.

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    Is that with the rebate?? kawasaki has rebate on the 08 and new 09,s from the 15f to the 260x. Most of the trailers are going for round $650 for a single and $800 for a double ... I agree spend the extra and get the 260x, you will be glad you did.
    The rebates are rangeing from 1200 to around 1600. Check around ad see what you can get. found that out this morning from my dealer, thinking about trading my 15f for a 260x

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    The 260x supercharger reliability is a concern for me. So far completely satisfied with 15f. I realize the LX isn't a speed demon but at $6500 it's an awfully cheap cruiser. From my research, nothing else is close. I'd love to hear from some ultra lx owners with some pros/cons and if they could do it over what would they do given the price of $6500.

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