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    '95 750 engine in a '93 750

    Figured that a motor from a '95 750 would be fine in a '93 but I was wondering if there would be any problems with the electrical box?? Would be switching over the whole motor basically (crank, top end, engine block, stator, etc) basically everything except for the jet pump, display and ebox..lemme know if i would have any problems any help is appreciated thanks mike.

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    I am not a Fuji expert, but I think the older models used a different stator and CDI type - analog vs. digital. I don't think the two can be mixed.

    Do some checking, as I don't recall whether that was just for the 650, or also the early 750 models.

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    elec box connectors may be different. (easy to swap connectors)

    Cooling system will need to be modified on a 93 engine. MAY need a newer exh manifold, and the 93 engine block has hose fittings.

    Other than that, should go no problem.

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