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    NEW post on the RIVA side...

    Just an FYI for anyone in the market... The RIVA power core for the GPR is a bad investment. I would go with a R&D D-plate. It's much cheaper and gives tons better preformance!

    This is a proven factual statement! Backed up with testing on the water. Deleting/Editing of this post is an attempt to hide the truth!

    Bet it's pulled bright and early in the morning!

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    This was mearly a test to see if RIVA was still going to delete crap... They are acting like are free of blame over there.

    I done posting there! Account closed.

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    Yeah, I read it.... they didn't delete it, and did a good job of explaining what it was good for IMO.

    I know they deleted some stuff sometimes, but they are a big company and have to watch out what is said on a board that they pay for. A few years ago people where trashing SBT motors on the Riva board; SBT threatened a lawsuit, and obviously had enough to stand on that Riva stopped letting people talk smack about them.

    Riva is in buisiness to sell products and make money; you can't expect them to promote, and you can't expect them to say that something of thiers doesn't work as advertised. What you can expect is that they will listen to what people are working on and sometimes make changes. They sell things now that people on the board talked about using on the ski.

    And as far as buying from Riva.... I have a personal relationship with one of the performance salesmen there, and I get about the same prices at If it was just ordering parts online, I'd go with the cheapest prices, but there is more to it than just that. I'm not going to quit buying from them because I don't like how they run their forum.

    I rarely post on the Riva forum anymore, simply because I'm getting better information here. But I don't see any reason to go over there and start trouble.

    Just my 2 cents.

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