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    ignition problem 05 RXP

    I thought I had a bad battery for my 05 RXP so I purchased a new battery and had my old one tested it tested good I put in the new one and had the same problem. I talked to a freind he said he had problems with the start button I pushed my swithches a bunch of times and it started fine with the old battery it will not do it all the time but it still fails randomly. Is this a common problem that anyone knows about?

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    If it is just clicking I would check the starter relay they are known to go bad.

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    Where is the relay located does it plug into the board in the front of the ski and is it easy to replace.

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    Yes and yes. It's the tan piece mounted to the side of the fuse box in front. Approx. $40 for a new one. Try jumping the ski at that place and if it starts right up then it's your relay.

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    yes, try jumping the ski from the relay, take the two (i think they are red) covers off the posts and connect them with a screwdriver or something (get a good connection) and see if it turns over, just had the same problem on an 07 RXP and it turned out to be the relay, goodluck

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