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    gp1200 starter woes...yank fly wheel

    Hi, I'm helping a friend out to fix his 1999 gp1200 waverunner. Someone had flipped it and filled it with water. The starter was trash so I replaced the starter and it just spins now. I removed the flywheel cover and it looks like the inside of Pandoras box (all brown and flaky white stuff). I'm looking to remove and replace the Idler gear....what i'd call a bendix.....DO i have to remove the flywheel....If so, how hard is it to do given the corrosion and crap I'm seeing.....The flywheel is somewhat accesable. My experience is that they can be a bear to remove in the best of cases. How hard is the gp1200 flywheel to remove?
    thanks for any help.

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    You will need a flywheel puller that lines up with the three 8mm threaded holes in the flywheel. The centre bolt will then push on the crank snout and it can be tight.
    You cannot get the bendix out without removing the flywheel. I made my own heavy duty puller with a long handle for leverage. Good luck!

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    Get that F/Wheel of yet.

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    Left the tread hanging.......
    I thought it would be an easy fix but it just got uglier as i got more into it. The inside of the flywheel cover looked like a mushroom salt factory. Just didn't have the time or energy to pull the engine .....sent him home unhappy. Doing favors on skis can sometimes turn into migraines.....

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