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Thread: OPAS GTX vs RXP

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    I have become familiar with my OPAS system in the last few days. It works through water pressure which is picked off at the nozzle.

    Reviewing the write-up in the How-To section I noticed that there doesn't seem to be any such fitting in place on the RXP, further the pics of the removed OPAS rudders show no place for the water hose to go through the hull.

    So how is the OPAS system functioning on the RXP? What drives the rudder up and down?

    And finally, what do I do about the pressure pick off in my nozzle if I eliminate the OPAS on my GTX?

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    Am I missing something, is this a dumb question for some reason that I'm oblivious to? I would check the oem parts finder to gain some insight for the RXP but the pics won't display at work due to the firewall....

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    rxp doesnt have water pressure system to raise the paddles
    they just fold in and out, no up and down...

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    Quote Originally Posted by lextoy View Post
    rxp doesnt have water pressure system to raise the paddles
    they just fold in and out, no up and down...

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    Plug the pressure fitting with a plastic pipe thread block off available at local hardware stores.

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    Ah, I see. Thanks for the tip about the pipe thread block off!

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