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    08 / 09 sho

    Hi all from a newbie
    Been reading the posts for years which have helped me massively in modding my 04 XLT1200... pump seal, free flow, solas, worx sponsons, riva intake, protec ride plate and nozzle, cat removed & d plate, hydro turf mats and seat covers.... all done from the excellent information on this site.
    Love this ski, but feel maybe time to move forward, Yamaha are offering some good deals this side of the pond at the mo and I will prob go for an SHO over a FZS, demo'd an 08 last year in the cold, rain, wind and 5-6ft rough and it was fantastic, just feel its a logic step up from the XLT.

    Can get hold of a new 08 for 2k less than a new 09, just wanted to know if there was any technical differences, apart from the fuel line recall, as in engine or pump changes, fuel economy changes that would make anyone go for the 09 over the 08.

    Thanks all in advance

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    there is noting major different. I would get the 08 and save the $$ for upgrades...

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    you must ave read me mind

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    Quote Originally Posted by allstar71 View Post
    there is noting major different. I would get the 08 and save the $$ for upgrades...
    +1 -- only difference is graphics.

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    Is there any difference between the 08/09 FX SHO Cruisers other than color..?????

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    Not that I know...

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