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    1995 SLT 750 Questions

    a buddy of mine has a 1995 slt 750. im a newb to that ski, considering i ride a superjet. but i/we have some questions? any help or input would be great.

    1. do bigger engines mount with the same pattern as the 750?

    2. What would be some good performance parts to install? and where can they be purchased?

    3. any big dead giveaways on the ski itself?

    just fill me in overall

    thanks for any help


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    She likes the bike. But the ski gets her wet!!!! xlint89's Avatar
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    Welcome to the Hulk John.

    1. Only larger engine that will fit easily into a 750 is the 780.

    750 has 80 HP and 780 has 92 HP

    2. Check the projects secton for mod ideas. "Her ride" is a bolt on modified 750 that gained 5 MPH over stock.

    Parts can be bought from many places depending on what you're looking for. Ebay seems to be best for real performance parts.

    3. Dead giveaway? Not sure what that means.

    What I think is you're looking for known problems? The fuel system needs upgraded due to age. Upgrade the fuel pump to a triple outlet, replace the fuel hoses, clean the petcock, thoroughly clean/rebuild the carbs.

    Also make sure the autocock is removed per Polaris Bulletin.

    Take a look around the site. There's alot of info in here if you just read up.

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    thanks for the info

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    Have to agree with xlint89 on the fuel upgrades.

    Is your buddy the only owner? If not, do you know the history of where it has been? I have a 95 SL 750 that looks brand new but previous owner failed to look under the seat. Now I'm playing catcup on fuel issues, gaskets leaking and a hole in #3 piston. But all in all great ski and the Queen loves it so IT MUST BE FIXED.

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    yea his #3 piston has a hole also. so yea we are gonna fix that. but other wise some TLC and she will be good to go.

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