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    Opinions needed on used 15F purchase

    Been in the market for a used 4 stroke, 3 seater, family/watersports oreiented jet ski, to replace a Polaris Virage. Went to see a 2004 Kawasaki 15F today. Boat had a bit over 130 hours on it. It had a few cosmetic issues topside, but overall seemed to be in decent condition for its age. The hull was another story. Right down the centerline, it had been stripped of gelcoat, with some of the cloth weave from the composite exposed. Didn't look like impact damage as much as abrasion damage. Took a few pics, shown below. Looking at my Polaris, with a similar amount of seat time, my hull has a few scratches, but the gelcoat is all there. Anybody seen a ski in similar condition? I didn't know these could be ridden in a parking lot. Sure looks like this one had been. The pump looked ok, couple of really small knicks on the impeller's leading edges. Actually looked pretty good, considering what I see on the hull. Figured the pump would have been worn with all of the debris it must have sucked up.

    Thoughts on repair costs, or whether to avoid altogether?

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    geese it looks like they drove it up the boat ramp, i dont think beaching it would do that to any jetski in 130 hours.

    to give you an idea as far as costs go, my neighbor had the bottom hull on his 2001 seadoo gtx refiberglassed and painted for 500 bucks at a local marina. his wasn't that bad though.

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    How much are they asking for it?

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    HOLY SMOKES!!!!!! I dont know what he is asking, But if Its over 2000 I would run the other way!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Daveski View Post
    HOLY SMOKES!!!!!! I dont know what he is asking, But if Its over 2000 I would run the other way!!!
    Yea unless they're giving it away find another!

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    Oh Man, I think you should walk away from that one ... looks like it has about all the good gone out of that one. unless they are giving it away there are plenty more of them out there in better shape.

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    Thanks for the feedback, everyone.

    His advertised price was $5K. He expressed a willingness to take $4K. That was before I ever saw it. Wouldn't have wasted my time in the car if I had known about the hull condition.

    There was one other glitch: He had several hours warning that I was coming, and I had been communicating with him for more than a week trying to set a time to see it. When I got there, the battery was too weak to turn over the jet ski.

    Don't know about anyone else, but when I sell something like a jet ski, I'm prepared to show the condition, including how it runs. He may or may not have been masking other problems.

    I'm gonna just leave it be and look for another one.

    Again, my appreciation for your feedback.

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