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    Ultra 250 / 260 light weight pulleys

    Rogue Racing Pulleys
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    Great work!
    Where do i get mine and how long till the 09 pulley kit?

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    sweet work and along with your header ultra SWEET indeed

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    We are shipping out a few sets for testing right now.
    BEFORE we spin off a complete run of the part we do want test results back first. SOON as I get the phone calls that everything is good to go, I'm going to build a limited number of these pulleys.

    Three sizes:
    Small (closed course)
    Large ( OE pulley size for those who want to keep the blower spinning at OE speeds for Endurance )

    Idler pulley to match.

    We should know something soon on testing.


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    can you tell us the weight diffrence between OEM pulley, and your OEM style pulley. Also, OEM tensioner vs Yours?


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    "Perfection takes time"
    "THE BEATING" will commence on June 15th.

    Our pulley that matches the OEM size was made to try to help the bearing last longer in the longer endurance races.

    The belt guides on the side are to help the belt from walking off the pulley. Some think it's to correct a miss alignment problem. IT'S NOT.
    When you start a race, you may have your belt tight as it will ever need to be but by the end of a race the RUBBER belt may start to fatigue and stretch out. You can NOT fix this while under way in a race. The guides are to help keep the belt on in this situation.

    Öthere are several boats being equipped with the slightly smaller pulleys right now for a big race on the 15th out in the ocean. We are shipping over two of the OE size pulleys tomorrow (June 4th) to have them run in this same endurance race. As of June third we are half way through the first production run of all pulleys. These first runs of different sizes are being made in limited productions so we can better judge which pulleys to produce larger numbers of on the second runs.
    If all goes as planned, we will have them ready to start shipping buy next Friday (June 12th).

    Call for info,



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    so what is the improvement vs oem? What is hp improvement? What are the differences vs r&d and worx pulley kit?

    Thanks for newbbie

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    Have you seen the pictures?

    Our OE size has NO more HP then the OE pulley does.
    Our OE size was built with the intentions of lasting longer in a long endurance race.

    Our smaller pulleys do spin the blower faster and you need to use our fuel management system which we are putting together right now.
    You can also use the R&D fuel system if you already have one installed. Just re-tune your engine to ensure it is running correctly.


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    OEM sized pulleys are in.
    TESTING HAS GIVE'N A GO!!!!!!! on the pulleys.


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    Belts are running a lot cooler.
    This means they are also going to last longer.
    We did very well in the local area (Dallas TX) CC races.
    We put the Med. Size CC pulley on a Super Course Ultra250 and went to the CC races.

    This weekend we are setting the engine up for an Endurance race.
    I'll be back with that results soon as I can.


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