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    VE920 info please BT are you still around?

    looking to speak with previous owners of the ve 920 setup. just got a ve 920 with matching head.

    i know it takes cr500 pistons - but that is it.

    not sure what i am putting it into, 97xp or 96xp. prob will set it up with a spec2 pipe. i have a old r&d pipe as well as a psi pipe too. neither make any significant power, so i will prob just sell them.

    looking to get the following info:

    max timing at wot (15 deg @ 7600 rpm?)
    stock ve port heights (mine may be ported)
    will porting the ve cyl mandate race gas?
    what squish to run
    what compression to be 92 octane safe (maybe mix some race gas in)
    carb size(46 or 48?) and ball park jetting info

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    well i have some more info. my ve setup is all stock. so it means 89mm bore, 0.055 squish and prob run 46mm carbs.

    anyone know if porting the cases will help? maybe a miller or watercraft magic port job?

    also, who can bore the top half of the cases to accept the VE cylinder. It will not physically fit in the stock 787 cases due to the larger sleeves.

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