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    2001 zxi 1100 stalls when you hit the throttle more than 1/2 way from an idle

    Hello everyone,
    This site is great, I have been reading alot of great stuff, and viewing some cool photos. I am new to jet skiing. I just got my first one, 2 weeks ago. I traded it for my honda shadow. I have not got it in the water yet. But I have been polishing it up and tinkering with it. As I mentioned in my title, while the ski is idling on the trailer. If I hit it to half or full throttle, it will bog and stall, unless I let off the throttle some. So my question is to anyone that is fimiliar with my ski or this problem. What could be causing this? or should I even worry about it. A friend of mine told me that when its out of the water it doensnt warm up the same as when its in the water so that is why its doing that. Any input on this or even my ski would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

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    Try putting a fresh set of plugs in it then go water test it. Welcome to green hulk.

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    First change spark plugs look at them also ,if they are black and oily you have only fouled plugs,if they are white or very dry .you have a fuel problem,one big area on high hour kawasakis is they burn the spark plug wires back at the boots,cut tie wrap unscrew plug wire from cap,cut 1/2" from wire, screw it back into cap 4 or 5 turns(its hard )put new tie wrap on it.(this is due to resistor boots)or possibly look at your spark plugs if two look one way one looks different that is your problem cylinder.(ps also check the compression when changing spark plugs)keep your old spark plugs in order as to cylinder you removed them from.If your plugs are very dry and whitish it also could be your fuel filter,very old gas,and or carb screens and possibly plugged jets.start with the basics If a plug is black oily, you found your problem.Good luck you bought a very reliable watercraft.>Marvin

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