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    Sunk my Ski, now what?

    I have a Kawi zxi 1100 and have a problem. Late last year I sunk the ski. I towed it back to dock and then put it up on my trailer and dryed it out as best I could. After doing all of the recommended steps (removing the spark plugs and turning over motor, replacing gas etc) I put a new battery in the ski and attempted to restart it. It started and ran for about 10 minutes and then stopped. At that time I was unable to restart it and had to put it back onto the trailer.
    Thinking that there may have been an electircal problem I opened the control box and found out that it was flooded with water. Apparently the seals around the spark plug wires were not watertight and allowed water to enter the box.
    My question now is where do I go from here. I dryed out the box, but it has not seemed to make any change.

    Thanks for taking the time to read this.


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    You probably should start by checking all the electrical connections. Could be that 1 got water in it and is corroded. Past that I would say you need the manual and start trouble shooting it.

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    Unplug Everything

    It was a really bad idea starting it at all. You really should of pulled every plug and connector one at a time and cleaned them out. The control box (brain) should of been removed, dried, and possibly washed with some sort of fast drying anti-corrosive inhibitor. Of course all the fluids should of been replace also. Like the other person said, get the manual and start trouble shooting but do not apply any electrical power to the ski at all until every connector has been checked.

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    It is true, that electrics don't like water. It is best to get the ski running asap after the engine fills with water. The rod bearings are a carbon needle that will pit when the oil is washed off and let to set after a water bath. Once they pit the rod will sieze. By removing plugs and turning the motor over until all water is out, put a finger on the plug holes to see if suction will push out more water. After water stops blowing out holes get the engine running to re-oil engine parts.

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