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    1999 XL1200Ltd Pop off Pressure

    Hi Guys
    Could anyone please help with the correct Pop off pressure for a 1999 XL1200 Ltd

    I have checked the Needle and seat and it is a 1.2
    but the pop off pressure is at +-65 Psi
    surely this is too high

    The ski has a serious hesitation on initial pulloff

    =============THIS is the Info In the SERVICE Manual========
    Type Floatless
    Identification mark #1: 66V-01, #2: 66V-02, #3: 66V-03
    Main nozzle mm (in) 3.2 (0.13)
    Main jet 117.5
    Pilot jet 87.5
    Throttle valve 180
    Valve seat size mm (in) 1.2 (0.05)
    Trolling speed r/min 1,350

    ================================================== =

    Any help would be much appreciated


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    Pop off pressure on the OEM carbs is pretty high. 1.2 Needle and seat with gold 115gr spring pops-off @ 90+ PSI
    Hesitation could be from your accel pump not working right, or they just need a rebuild. Have you modified or changed anything?

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    Thanks for the response Bill

    I bought the ski secong hand
    It had
    92.5 pilot jets
    135 Mains
    1.2 Needle and seat
    Gold springs which Pop off at +- 65 Psi
    I also replaced all the Diaphrams but it has not helped much at all

    I am in South Africa so the Ski does not have a catalytic converter
    I think its pretty much stock.

    I have now purchased
    87.5 Pilots (Standard)
    117.5 Mains (Standard)
    Dull Silver 95 Gram springs (Not Standard?) I have tested these and they Pop off at +- 72 Psi (Which means the Gold 115 gram springs must be past their prime)

    Is there a combination that will work better for me?

    The accelerator pump is deafinately working.
    The Idling is also a problem (It only Idles for about a minute then dies)
    It also take a few seconds to return to Idle speed

    On this Ski it Isnt possible to get to the Low speed adjusters when the Engine is in place so are the low speed adjusters preset?
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