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    help, don't know how to tune the carbs on my 2001 ultra 150

    i've added a few extras to my ski, no major modifications though. i'm running stock carbs, boyeson reeds(with stock reed cage and stuffers), 91 octane fuel with redline oil, repitched impeller, aggresser sponsoons, [email protected] ride plate extender and extended steering nozzle. the problem i'm having is that my ski has a horrible low end, once it reaches mid to high it runs great. i was wondering if anyone could help me get this thing tuned better so i have a better holeshot. thanks...

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    who pitched the prop? and what makes you think it is the carbs?

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    The carbs are CV's and they can't be tunned. It sounds like the pitch is wrong on your impeller. What impeller and pitch is it? You might consider a stinger mod to help your low end, you can run it with your setup as is. The only thing motor wise you have done is the reeds and that won't merit going up a jet size.

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    I agree you havent done anything to make carb tunning nessasary. Some more details might help us get it sorted out. What speed are you doing on gps? What rpm? Your problem may be as simple as cavitation. If the plate isnt sealed up good it will leak air into the pump and cause cavitation out of the hole.

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    Give us some history. How did it run before the mods, or did you buy it and then install the mods?

    If it really was the carbs I would think it was becasue the slides are'nt opening.

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    Why 91 octane....and you said redline oil is that added to the fuel or is that in the oil injection.

    Not that 91 is going to cause the problem but in really is not needed unless it makes you feel better or you added compression which is not listed as one of your mods.

    I did have a problem with my stock carbs... bogged down low could never get it out. Finally figured it out when I replaced the carbs with after market... It was the stock carbs...

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