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Thread: Seadoo pump oil

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    Seadoo pump oil

    So as I prepare to pull my jet pump for the 3rd time this year, I ask myself... Is there a money saving alternative to the seadoo jet pump oil? I mean these things have been out forever now, and you would think there would be a money saving gallon jug by now... What does everyone use in there?

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    Mobile 1 syn gear oil has worked for me. It does not stink as bad either.

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    80-90 weight Mobile One synthetic gear oil.

    Basically any 80-90 synthetic gear oil will do just fine.

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    I would suggest you use a synthetic marine oil. It will do well if you have water intrusion. AMSOIL Synthetic Marine Oil will take up to a 10% water intrusion with no issues.

    Pm me for pricing. You can become a preferred customer and save up to 30% off retail just click the link below.

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    +1 on the Amsoil,

    or use Quicksilver marine gear oil.

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