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    gp1200 r vs stx15f whos faster

    Hi guys,

    Looking at buying a jet ski and was wondering which is faster and good on chop, so i guess fastest ski on chop, and which one is fastest on glass, really want to know because like both skis and i really want speed



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    Since u posted in the Kawi section im sure they will say stx. Get the GPR man yamis r built so fn well.

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    STX. Vs. GPR?

    STX. Vs. GPR? These crafts have always been battling in Circuit Racing since the STX-12's pretty much came to market. Honestly its tough to determine because both crafts are small and quick!

    I say in glass water Modified 1200's beat Stx's but once you get into chop Gpr's bounce so Stx's cross um.. Both bikes are awesome machines & i rode both enough to recognize the difference.. Which ever? suits your needs i guess.

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    GP on glass but the STX on chop for sure. I am referring to non-modified.

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    So on glass the yami would beat the stx and if that's the case does it beat it by a long shot?

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