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    Coolant tank cap

    this may be a dumb ?, but when re-installing the cap, I push down on it and turn and it stops at a point where the lip of the tank has a indentation and the cap's 2 sides fit in the groove. Its on but moves around a bit from side to side .......BUT I can press the cap down even more and turn it till it stops- then the cap is on tight. Which position is correct???

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    not sure if I understand exactly what you're doing, but if you look at the tank neck there are stops that the cap tightens up against that completely block the groove. It you tighten with enough pressure, the cap will cut through these stops. so study the tank neck and figure out where to tighten the cap to.

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    The middle position (detent) is the position you would turn the cap to relieve pressure without getting doused... just like a cars radiator cap. So yes, you want to push down and continue on until it reaches the second stop. It is a little confusing, because in the "pressure relief" position, I have never seen it relieve pressure... never hot enough, I suppose

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