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    Where to get 07 GP1300R Exhaust temp sensor plug ?

    Does anyone know what type of plug is on the end of the exhaust temp sensor. Rather than cutting the wire to put the resistor in i would like to buy a plug and make my own resistor plug. I thought that i read somewhere it was a Toyota plug. I also need to know where to get the plug if anyone knows.


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    Take the sensor to the auto parts store, Auto zone, Advance Auto, Orileys, ect. and find a oil pan drain plug for a Toyota, honda, Nissan, ect. that is the same thread pitch as the sensor , Works great! After re reading your post I guess you are talking about the plastic end the plugs in to the wiring on the ski. Sorry I can't help you on that end , Tommy Jordan

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    I am not looking for the sensor threaded plug but the electrical plug on the end of the sensor wires.

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    Just cut it out from the old sensor. If you are not using a cat you will never use it again.

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    I have a bunch of old temp sensors... I can send you one to cut up for shipping $$$

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    Quote Originally Posted by WFO View Post
    I have a bunch of old temp sensors... I can send you one to cut up for shipping $$$
    Rich sending you a pm.

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    thanks Lee.

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