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    quick question concerning waterbox regulator on 951.

    What should it be set at? I've searched and searched some say all the way out, some say three turns from all the way in.

    and if i were to hard line it or whatever with a jet, what size jet should I use?

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    The idea behind the adjustment is to shut off the water (it does not shut all the way off lest the coupler melt) at the right time.

    Now, the right time depends on the hull. IMO, you turn it in for the heavier, more hull in the water boats (I run my '02 GTX all the way down then one turn out). With a lighter hull like the XPL, you do not need that water as long so you open it up (on my '99 XPL I run it one turn out from flush at the top).

    I do not remember what size jet they say to run if you want to hard jet it.

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