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    Amount of oil...

    I got my 06 rxp motor in and it looks like I'm about ready for a test start.

    It's on a shop cart right now that has the ski tilted a hair to one side. The first start / oil fill / water test will be a quick one as a precaution due to a washer failure and to burn off the old gas.

    I'm going to put the cheapest oil in it.

    What kind of cheap oil is OK to dump in and...

    is is there a certain quart amount I can dump in roughly and know it's safe for a hose test before i put it on the trailer (which will allow me to level it out and get oil amount exact) before I take it out for the first test run/burn off old gas?

    After that I have some nice expensive amsoil...don't want to waste that!

    Also.. antifreeze was completely drained. Is there a "how to" for getting the ski setup again with antifreeze?

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    Coolant Change

    In regards to your coolant question; I hope this helps...

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    Castrol GTX 10W-40... 3.5 quarts

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    The Owner's Manual says 2.7 qts at oil change with filter, and 4.1 qts on a rebuild. Four qts should be plenty. Good luck on your startup... Ron

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