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    Charging system 96 GSX 787 engine

    I posted questions a few weeks ago Thanks. But i just got new parts and took it apart to install the new stator. Decided to check the old one again and the new one, before I put it in they both check the same. I got the clymers manual out and can not find the spec's for this engine. Now either I'm missing something or I miss uinder stood someone I thought the three yellow wires were suposed to read .75 ohms with the black lead on the yellow/black wire?

    Any help would be appreciated


    Other parts to install
    I do not want to screw this up it has already cost Alot$$$$$$$$$$$

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    Installed new parts Stator , Rectifier & mpem. It still blew the fuse in the rear box. Got to checking this fuse power the VTS unhook the VTS fuse does not blow.
    When I put the lanyard on the post i get one loud long beep the guages come on and go off but it will not do anything else. Hit the start button nothing.


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    There are two fuses in the rear black box. One is the 15 amp feed for the grey box, and the other is the VTS motor only. Now, with that said, the VTS housing is powered through the 15 amp fuse. So if the VTS module is shorted, it will blow the 15 amp fuse.

    Sorry I did not reply sooner, I was at Universal Studios with my daughter this past weekend and missed your post. We left the day you started this thread.

    Was you old stator burnt? They will ohm the same and still be burned, that's why I wanted you to visually inspect it.

    The factory OEM manual should be available for dowload here, look at the pinned threads at the top.

    When you get one long beep that means the lanyard is not programmed for that ski. You need to take it to a dealer and get the lanyard programmed. Then she should start right up!

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    Hey thanks
    Hope you had a great time.
    The stator was not burnt it looked great just like new.
    I looked at those manuals I guess you have to join the file sharing site to get them it would not allow me to down load. I will try again

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    Got the GSX running I left the VTS unhooked took the vts motor out run the nozzle to the up position by hand and put the motor back in.
    Now I,m still getting low battery on the guage at idle when you get going it go's away. Is this normal


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