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    Relocated PET2500 now getting 9000 RPMs wtf lol

    Ok so I had my PET2500 running fine for months now but I decided to relocate the wire that runs to it from the engine compartment. Now it runs out of the steering column area and down toward the small storage compartment where the PET2500 is mounted. Well I took the ski out and it's reading high all over. 8000-9000 RPMs. I'm thinking the wire is getting interference from somewhere. I want to keep the wire routed this way for cleanliness' sake but wtf. Should I insulate somehow it through the column or something?

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    In all seriousness, i put wire loom on mine (colored of course) and it runs all the way through the steering column.

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    wire loom

    wow i wonder if that helped shield it from any interference? i'll try that. anyone else have this problem routing the wire through the steering column area? i wish i were really turning 9k lol

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    mine did that (9000rpm) i re ran the wire from middle spark boot ( 5 loops) looped it thru the brace on the head and ran it as far away from the front plug wire as i could get good now...

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    mine did that to had it wrap #1 plug 10 times went to 5 wraps used split loom had to remove battery and reinstall says manual

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    well it was working fine before. i have 1, 2 and 3 wrapped 3-4 times each. it's only when i routed the rest of the wire through the steering column that it started acting up.

    should i just redo it all? i guess i'll mess around with it. but it seems to read idle speed okay.

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    I'm thinking the wire is getting interference from somewhere


    relocate again. away from any other wires.

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