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    fyi guys:

    Take Action
    Stop the EPA Push for 15-Percent Ethanol Fuel

    A coalition of 54 ethanol manufacturers under a new lobbying group called Growth Energy is petitioning the EPA to increase the maximum level of ethanol in gasoline from 10 to 15 percent -- despite the possibility that this action could cause serious damage to engines and fuel system components on boats.
    Experts say that even the newest available boats and marine engines would be unable to handle an ethanol level of more than 10 percent -- the current maximum allowable percentage in gasoline. However, proponents of the higher ethanol levels have largely ignored the potentially devastating impact such a mandate would have on boats and other nonroad vehicles.
    “To date, there has not been sufficient testing of motor vehicles and nonroad equipment engines, such as outdoor power equipment and marine engines, to determine whether any mid-level ethanol blend would meet current federal air quality protection requirements or be safe for consumers to use,” the NMMA said in a statement protesting the drive for higher ethanol levels in U.S. fuel.
    While fuel tanks, hoses and seals on most new boats are designed to withstand today’s 10 percent ethanol fuels, dealers report that fiberglass fuel tanks, fuel hoses and seals on older boats are already being damaged by the ethanol levels allowed in today’s fuel blends.
    CLICK HERE to make your voice heard: Tell the EPA to deny the petition to increase ethanol levels to 15 percent -- and demand that independent testing and comprehensive scientific research gets done to determine the effects of ethanol-blended fuel on consumer safety, public health and the environment.

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    Just did...thanks for the heads up. Although I don't have to worry about this where I live, I do know that others do and I understand the concerns.

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