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    Rebuild number 2....

    Well, here it goes again. I will be updating this thread as progress is made. I don't really have plans of doing anything special, but I know everyone likes to see some pics...So here it goes.

    GOT CRANKS????

    and a crappy pic of the winter toy just for fun.

    I'll update as progress continues.

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    AWA Member 32DegH2O's Avatar
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    Minneapolis, Mn.
    Love your work bench and that fancy drive coupler holder!

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    rlharrison60's Avatar
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    You have plenty of cranks.

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    Wow, I dont remember it being that clean when you got it!

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    Quote Originally Posted by rlharrison60 View Post
    You have plenty of cranks.
    Yea, 2 rebuilds in a year due to seized cranks will do that to ya. Good thing I got a good deal on one .

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    There is no such thing as too many cranks!

    Hope you get a crank to hold up to your riding,LOL

    Good looking ski ,I really like the 2000 SLX

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    fuel line

    is that the crappy grey fuel line i see laying in the hull

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    Yea.. the Tempo fuel line is coming out. He allready has a roll of new line.

    Here some progress from today...

    The jugs were finger tight until the exhaust manifold was attached, dont worry there...

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    Shes all assembled...

    Lowered In...

    Assorted Semi-Dead 650...

    One of these days we might have to get it running.

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    hood blew off today and sunk in the river. I need a new hood and hinge asap.

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