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    Exclamation Genesis 1200 di pump chattering bad help!!

    Hello everyone. I picked up a 2003 genesis i last year with a blown motor for dirt cheap. After rebuilding the engine and a bad emm i finally got the ski running and it runs great, except the pump is very very loud and noisy, and not just out of the water either. When its in the water at idle i can still hear it rattling around. The mfi says the ski has over 500 hours on it but i really dont know if thats true or it was caused by the emm going bad but either way has anyone ever had this happen? Is it the bearing? There was not a lot of play when i put the pump back together. I am thinking about replacing the impeller if i have to take it apart again so does anyone know what the best prop for this boat is? it is completely stock.. HELP PLEASE- Brian

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    When you turn the drive shaft by hand (engine off), is there any grinding or bearing noise from the impeller?

    Take the jet pump off, and turn the impeller by hand. It should spin smoothly, with no noise or grinding feeling, and no wobble or play.

    If any of these are not correct, then replace the pump stator bearings and seals.

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    I just ordered all the seals and bearings, i will let you guys know how i make out thanks

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