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    How to turn over engine with out starting?

    How can you turn the engine over with out starting the 05 RXT?
    I know there is a tool that goes on the prop you take plugs and and turn.
    I just dont have tool yet. Is there another way? Checking my engine to see if
    it turns. Just got...

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    If you want use the starter motor just hold the throttle wide open and hold the start button and it will turn over but it wont fire.

    Hope this helps.

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    pull the plugs wires off the spark plugs....

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    What rick said

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    Thanks sorry forgot to say how to do it by hand if no way to start electronically. Computer bad...

    I know pull plugs out but can you turn it by using both hands on the drive line?
    Someone said use vice grips but im not messing up drive line...

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    remove the sparkplugs and the pump cone. use a 12mm hex key wrench in the end of the pumpshaft if you don't have other tools available. I remove the pump and use an old impeller and pump shaft.

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    Thanks i was thinking the same thing. Got it!!

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