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    No Spark on 1997 SL1050

    Hi guys...
    I'm now done rebuilding my SL1050, and I have assembled everything again, BUT I have no spark on the sparkplugs.
    I have searched the forum and found this thread:
    I have tried everything, which was posted here... I have ground inside the electrical box, and I have also tried holding the bilge button while cranking, still no spark....

    Have some of you tech guys any suggestions to what might be wrong... ?

    All connections have been checked, and there is no corrision, and no wires seems to be broken...

    Regarding ignition, I have determined that I have the updated ignition pack.

    Best regards,
    Jesper Andersen

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    john zigler's Avatar
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    Aug 2006
    make sure your battery is fully charged, ( 12.5 volts), and it does NOT go lower than 10.5 volts when cranking.

    we see this here alot, come the end of the season, when a ski has been sitting for a while, people bring them into my shop, for winterizing, and the battery voltage has dropped some. it will crank fine, ( seems fast enough) but will not have spark.

    hopefully your battery has maybe gone bad, or just lost some charge, while sitting while doing your rebuild.

    good luck. zig

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    Hi Zig,
    Thanks for your reply... I just fully charged the battery last night... I have tried a lot of things, and for some minuttes ago I got a spark on the one sparkplug, then I pulled out the others to check them, and now I dont have spark again... strange...

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    check the voltage while cranking. make SURE it does NOT go below 10.5 volts. i have persoanlly seen batteries, that are charged, and showing 12.5 or higher volts when sittin gon the bench, but drop when under load.

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    I found this tech thread,( ) and can read that I have to have 7-9Vdc on the brown wire comming from the CDI, but I only have 0.5volt when cranking, and when I release the start button I shortly have 3,5volt. I this my problem ?

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    Like John said just because the battery is charged does'nt mean it has enough amps ,check the voltage while cranking the motor

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    I just checked the battery... I have 18V, and when cranking it says 15V... I have a spare battery also fully charged, and it says the same...

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    Your voltage needs to be checked with a good meter not the MFD. It is imposable to have a 12v battery reading above 12.2v at rest.

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    You right guys.. I'm not a electrical guy, so I needed to change the battery in the Meter... 12,3V, and only 9,6V when cranking.... Is it possible to charge the battery, or do I need a new one ?

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    Okay... I have it running now !!! Thanks guys... I will pick up a new battery tomorrow....

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