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    08 ultra 250 need help

    i bought a new ultra 250 august 08. it has 22 hours on it and has been in the shop three times for the same problem. i picked it up from the shop yesterday, dropped it in the water for 5 minutes and found out they still havent fixed it and it will have to go back for a forth time.when i picked it up yesterday they said they hoped it was fixed this time because thay have talked to kawasaki and they can not figure out what the problem is.if i try to give it full gas from sitting it barely moves and the rpm goes all the way up and bounces.if i slowly give it gas it will take off fine and get up to full speed but will only stay there for a few seconds and then it will bog down to almost a full stop and almost throw me over the ski. it never cuts off or stalls. when i look inside the ski it allways has about two to three inches of water in even though it was only in the water for about ten minutes. the first time i took it in they said the impeller may have had debries in it(i new that was not the problem)the second time they said kawasaki recomended changing the pump. the last time the changed the supercharger belts and pully system. has anyone ever heard of this problem or if anyone has any thoughts they would be appretiated becauce im going to drop it back off tomorrow. thanks

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    I have no earthly idea. However, I'd try riding it without the seat to find out where the water is coming in from. The driveshaft coupling could be throwing water into the air intake or something.

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    Definitely sounds like a interesting situation. My guess would be, a bad through hull seal. It would allow engine room air to "vent" the impeller at launch, and the pressure in the pump intake at speed would force water back in the the hull, enough water coming in around the driveshaft could turn the engine room into a hurricane like environment, causing water ingestion of the engine. With out seeing it, it's really hard to tell...

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    I know this wont help with the engine probs but as for the water, when I first got my 07 ultra it took on shit loads of water for no reason. It actually ended up being a small hole which was drilled straight through the hull under my intake grate that some dick had done in the factory. Now as for the engine, my 08 250x did the same thing and it was the air intake bell sucking up against the hull. Try securing it back and see what happens.

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