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    what the heck is going on with my ski?

    i have a 2000 polaris slh i was riding it today for an hour or so with no problems then i dock it and take a rest for a while then come back to ride again and it has no spark i take it out of the water and bring it home and it gets spark again after sitting for a while i have no idea why it would be doing that?

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    Two possibilities come to mind;

    A) Weak battery. If the battery is marginal, and cannot deliver over 10.5 volts while cranking the engine, you will have no spark, or very weak spark. A weak battery can sometimes start the engine on the trailer, but not in the water with the water load on the impeller.

    Replace the battery with a good quality new battery, preferably a sealed AGM type.

    B) You need to apply Service Bulletin PWC-00-05.
    Move CDI Red/Purple wire to Orange terminal for reliable engine restarts

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