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    Who has had pistons fail and why.

    On what size motor did your pistons fail and did you determine why.

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    Yep. On a kawasaki 440 that powered my Flightstat ultralight. Made a forced landing in Copper Canyon on the shores of Lake Lewisville in beautiful Dallas, Texas.. Case seal went causing the rear cylinder to go lean. Munched that piston into crumbs. Oh, did you mean on a sea doo? Never happens.

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    Just trying to separate fact from fiction on the need to upgrade to forged pistons when upgrading 185Hp motors when the boost is kept below 8 or 9 psi.

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    That's another question. I would be interested in that information. Like the biggest SC, external IC, what size injectors for a stock 7600 ECU. That's a good question willis... Ron

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    just replaces a engine for a customer,07 rxt. 215. full riva stage 3.
    number 1 piston broke the top apart.
    found that injecter "50's" was completely clogged.
    there is a filter at the top of them and was full of black gunk.
    exhaust bell was totaly burnt.

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    I think I will be using the 185 hp pistons in my rebuild as I do not believe the failure rate is increased with modest upgrades.Boost will be limited to 10 psi and rpm limited to 8200.

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