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Thread: Oil code

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    Oil code

    hey guys..
    wensday i decide to go to the ocean with my friends and after 2 minutes runing BEEP came out and it said OIL and i can't go fast any more it just stop me we checked the oil and it was fine... i turn it off turn it on and no beep i prees de gas hard and do the same OIl on the screen.. i decide to take it to dealer LOL they reset the comp and took it to the lake and NOTHING still the same... after 3 days searching LOL they haven't found nothing ... hmmmmmmmm any idea what can be??? ty u RXT 215 2008

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    It sure sounds like low oil pressure. Did you ever have any engine work done? Did the metal SC washers ever fail? The only way to be sure is to put an oil pressure guage in the test port in the oil filter canister and get the actual oil psi reading. If you ride it like this you are asking for serious problems... Ron

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