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    Polaris Virage 2001 Piston Kit

    Hi, I'm very new to DIY engine repair and need some advice. I had ongoing problems with my Polaris Virage ever since I purchased it and its just too expensive now to have it fixed. This site has helped me to take the engine apart ( Polaris Service Manual) and one piston looks pretty bad. Now I need a new piston kit and a Piston Pin Puller but I can not find a place to order it from. I also do not know, do I need a standart, 25mm or 50mm piston kit. The Vehicle No. is W035197DA and its a 2001 model. I know its a 701cc two cylinder, two stroke. How can I find out which piston kit I need and where can I order these parts from including the Piston Pin Puller. Thanks

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    You can make a piston pin puller, see below.

    Sometimes the size is marked on the piston, but it really needs to be measured for sure it will fit the cylinder barrel correctly.

    I decided to just purchase a cylinder exchange .

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    You need to find out why it took out a piston first before you rebuild it and take it down again.

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    Thanks dorf and AMSOil
    I guess the reason for the damged piston was overheating. Switched the water on too late when flushing the engine after use. I know stupid mistake.
    Dorf, do you mean by cylinder exchange to buy a new cylinder as well including the piston?
    I will have another look if it says something on the piston. What does the std, 25mm and 50mm refer to. If I know I can measure this myself as these measurements are quite far apart. Thanks for the link(Piston Puller).

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    I'd suggest that you consult a machine shop that deals with watercraft.

    Those numbers are the amount that a piston is oversize.

    There is also allot of important info about 2 strokes on the following web site.

    Here is the link to the cyl exchange program

    Be sure you get the correct item when ordering. I guessed at it from your description.

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    Thanks Dorf

    I have learned a lot about pistons, sizes and clearances the last 24 hours and I can see how important it is to get it right in the first place. Unfortunately we have only one shop in our area dealing with Polaris, so they have the monopoly and I am not comfortable anymore to shop there. We had the same problem before, had a new piston installed and it cost us AS$1500.00. Any service we did was never under AS$600.00. We can not and do not want to effort this.
    If I can not work it out 100% I will not go ahead with it. Your advice is valuable and I might end up to have it done by a professional. At least I understand now what I'm looking for.
    Thanks again.

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    I have no idea of the exchange rate of your $ to US. But $395.00 US is more than reasonable.

    Not sure if they ship to you.

    But it seems like any small machine shop should be able to fix you up.

    the tolerances and measurements are in the Polaris book.

    Cheers !!

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    You should search for ' Bernie" .He is from Australia,and very knowledgeable with Polaris PWC,if he can not help,I'm sure he can recommend someone.

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    Thanks for you replies.
    I found Bernie, I will get in contact with him.

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