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    Question Challenger c180 Stereo questions. Battery life and wiring?

    I'm getting ready to upgrade my sound system and I have a couple of questions.

    1. How much wire will I need? Which one should I buy and from where?
    2. How long do you think I'll be able to run my system before the battery dies?
    3. How much longer play time will a large dedicated battery give me? Which one should I get? I have room for it.

    Here's what I'm getting for my sound system.

    • Kicker MX700.5 5-channel marine amplifier 70watts RMS X 4 + 210 watts RMS X 1 for the subwoofer
    • 4 Infinity 602m - 75watt rms 6.5" 2 way speakers
    • 1 Sony XS-L100P5M 10" 200watt rms subwoofer

    Can you guys think of anything else I might need?

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    I guess its my turn to contribute to the site, its been a great help to me!

    1) Depends on where you will mount amp, speakers.
    I mounted my amps where the air box was above the battery. Made for a short power run. approx 6ft of 4ga marine wire. used 2 15ft RCA cables for the preamp audio into amp. I mounted 2 7.7 JL's speakers in the front bow section facing the rear with a custom rear baffle and replaced the two stock units in the rear with 7.7 JL's and i have the 7.7 JL pods on my tower. i replaced all of the factory cable runs. i used a outdoor rated cable 2c14ga from Ratshack approx. 120ft not including tower.

    2) I have cranked mine for almost 1 hour with a couple of starts in there to check battery. i have the Marine Blue XCIDE battery 108RC

    3) A dedicated battery would be the best thing to do but you must not charge both batteries at the same time. i don't think the stator/rectifier can take the load. i did not want to add weight of another battery etc..

    The trick to pulling the cables is to use two high energy magnets to get the wires were i needed them to go. one in a rag on the outside of the hull and one with a fishing line attached in the inside of the hull.
    And i recommend some mechanics gloves to help with the fiberglass splinters!!!!!
    Hope this helps you.

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    I just finished installing my system today

    4-Alpine M-700
    2 - Alpine 10" Subs
    Alpine PDX-4.100 4Ch Amp

    System rocks, the amp is great, size is about 8x10x2 and weights 7 lbs.

    Perferct fit for tight areas and doesnt get hot since its a digital amp.

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