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    Can't decide? 97 1100 ZXi or 97 1100 Waveraider?

    I am looking at 2 different watercraft, both in great condition and similar price - a Kawi 11 ZXi and a Yami Raider 1100. We are looking for some help deciding on which would be best for us...

    We primarily want to use it as something to rip around in (hard turns, 180s, 360s, good solo rider handling, wake jumping more important than flat out straight line speed), plus use it to tow wakeboards, tubes, etc.

    Reliability is a big factor as well. I would assume fuel consumption would be fairly high on both models?

    Which way would you go? Anything to watch out for?

    We already have a Mod Blaster 1, a SuperJet and an X2.


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    I'm a newbie, but I'll post a little on my two ZXI 1100 I just bought. Fuel consumption is pretty bad. They both run great, so it's not a tuning/carb issue. They just seem to use a lot of gas.

    As I said, they run great and so far seems like they'll be pretty reliable with regular maintenance. They're 13 years old and still going strong, so that's saying something. Both trim units went out on them. The boxes leaked and internals were all corroded. The parts to repair them are very expensive (over $350 retail for a new electric trim motor). I've locked out the trim (nozzles are in a fixed position) on both skis. Nozzle trim is a nice feature, but to me not worth the money it would cost to fix them. This is the one thing that seems to be a common failure item on the ZXI no matter what year.

    I have blocked off the oil pumps and switched em over to premix. I don't trust oil injection even though it's been around a long time. I figure why risk it. I read somewhere that life expectancy for an oil pump is about 6 years and that's not counting the lines that could come off or split, crack etc.

    Handling would be alright for what you're looking to do. They'll spin real easy with the stock sponsons on em.

    I've switched over to beach house sponsons on both skis. The ZXI have a tendency to porpoise on anything other than smooth water and since smooth water is a rarity.......... The beach house sponsons pretty much cured the porpoise, but it gets a little dicey on the cornering with em. I've got em setup on the least aggressive setting possible and they will still over steer on corners. They like to hook a sponson and they'll turn real hard. It definitely takes some getting used to. They will still spin if provoked, but once again, you want to take some time to get used to how they corner if you're going to run aftermarket sponsons.

    Can't speak for the Yami as I've never ridden one. Just thought I'd toss in my 2 cents on the Kawis. I like em, but like everything else they do have their short comings.
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    I prefer the zxi1100, the waveraders nose hunts a little a full throttle. Now thte ZXI turns poorly in stoke trim. Put on sponsons and a ride plate and WOW it turns on rails. They had an issue with pump blow out on early models that "could" cause a suprise high speed spin.

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    Don't know where your from, but in MI we're not allowed to tow with two seaters. Three seats are the minimum allowed on public waterways... with that said, I have wake boarded behind a 750 sx on a private lake...

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