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    Lighting issue driving me mad


    I just purchased a new PWC and it came on a brand new 2009 Kravan trailer. I am very happy with the trailer since it looks like the many joints are welded and the trailer as a whole is secure, much better than my boat trailer which is ez-loader. I had just dropped my jetski in the water 2 times and coming home noticed that the right rear light on the trailer was not blinking with the turn signal. It would work as expected in regard to brakes and headlights but the turn signal was not working. All other lights on the trailer worked fine and all lights on the tow vehicle were fine. I plugged in a 4-pin tester into my car hitch and all is well. Just to be safe I pulled the fuse and it looked fine. I figured it may be the bulb, so I unbolted the right rear light enclosure from the trailer, and opened the bottom. Inside I found a roung 1034 (I think) bulb with two elements inside and a much smaller bulb. It was easy to pull out the 1034 bulb, so I pulled it out and tested it. The tester showed one of the two elements was not ringing.

    I replaced the 1034 bulb (paying attentions to the two different level prongs). Now, only the orange lights at the front of the trailer work, but BOTH rear lights are dark and not lighting up for either turn signals, braking, or headlights. When I put the original bulb back in, it is still the case that BOTH rear lights are dark.

    What am I not doing?

    Any help would be appreciated.


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    Paul, my head is spinning trying to make sense of this. All I can say right now is, if the trailer is new, take it back and have then fix it.

    If not, maybe someone else with this trailer will know. Did you check the ground for that light? Does it have a ground wire, or is it grounded thru the bolts holding on the housing itself?

    Good luck

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    What vehicle are you towing it with? Does it have separate turn signals and brake lights on the rear?

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    Its an 07 Highlander. The fuse is fine, i have tested it with a 4-pin hitch tester plugged into the connection on my SUV.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ThePerchik View Post
    Its an 07 Highlander. The fuse is fine, i have tested it with a 4-pin hitch tester plugged into the connection on my SUV.
    Does the Highlander have separate brake light and turn-signal bulbs?

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    bad ground on either the truck or trailer end.those led testers will sometimes miss that especialy if the ground is failing under load.also check to see if the harness on the trailer is pinched anywhere including at the marker lite splices
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    I would also have to suggest a ground based on what I have read so far. On a seperate note I would spend the $$$ and upgrade your lighting to LED, there is just so much vibration and harsh bumps from a ski trailer with small wheels. I had many lighting problems with my trailer (2005 Nationwide) so I ened up soldering all my wire joints and added LED's to the whole trailer..... not a single problem since.

    Sometimes for trouble shooting its a good idea to try hooking up to another vehicle to completely eliminate that variable.

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    Sorry for the lack of follow up, in short it was a ground issue.

    The long story...

    So here goes. First we unplugged all the bulbs and put one tester end on the ground end of the plug and the other end on each of the three pins one at a time on each of the three pins. If there is a tone that means there is a short. There was no tone so no shorts.

    Put the small bulbs back in but kept the 1157's out. Took some sand paper on a dowel and cleaned the inside of those sockets in the rear lights. Cleaned the point of contact from the ground to the rear light. Things looked ok. with all grounds cleaned.

    Took a 12V output charging brick from something we found in the garage, plugged it into the wall and started using it to test. Everything worked except for the right rear light. The one that had the initial turning signal burnout. With the right turn signal pin getting the current both lights would blink on the right and the marker lights would be super faint. With the lights signal, the rear right was just dark.

    Ended up pulling all the wiring to find the problem. It was the ground connection to the rear right light.

    As you recall, the 4 pin connector broke up into 8 wires that went towards the lights.

    2 wires went to the marker lights. This was a brown wire and a white wire, the headlight wire and the ground wire. There was a two pin adapter that attached to another unit that had 4 wires come out of it, each pair going to each marker light. That 2 pin plug had electrical tape wrapped around it to prevent it from coming apart due to road vibration and such.

    3 wires went to the right rear light. This was a brown wire, a white wire, and the green wire, the headlight wire, the ground wire, and the right turn wire. There were two plugs at the end. One two pin plug for the headlight and right turn wire and another one pin plug for the ground wire. The rear right light had the same 2 pin and 1 pin plug on its wires. So this one pin plug for the ground wire was not connected. These two plugs did not have any electrical tape on them. I assume that is why it came loose. I made sure to secure them VERY VERY VERY well with electrical tape prior to putting it back in.

    The last 3 wires were identical and went to the left signal light with one exception. The Green wire was a yellow wire, the left turn wire. The two pin plug on the left side was fine. But the 1 pin ground plug was very loose and was probably gonna drop out as well. I made sure to secure that one with electrical tape as well.

    So basically i think the 1 pin ground plug in the rear right side was super loose and i pulled it free when i removed the light when changing the bulb.

    I think Karavan needs to use electrical table to fasten the plugs in the rear just as they do for the marker lights.

    I rolled it out of the garage and plugged it into my car and all is good.

    If you guys got this far down, let me say thanks for all the help once again. Sorry for the long winded response but I feel you guys deserved the full story.

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