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    02 octane 4 sale

    Found an 02 octane on " the other site" for $3,000 o/bo in South Carolina, not the cleanest, but hard to find for that price !!! Wouldn't take less than 5k for mine !

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    Bummer it is not closer. It would be added to my collection of 23 skis. That is a good deal for that ski. Just take off the blue stickers.

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    I know, makin me squeemish!! Stock decals are still available but expensive 2-300 for everything.

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    There was a modded Octane on Ebay couple days ago. Was around $1500 without reaching reserve with 15 hrs to go. His buy it now was about $4000.

    There are Octane decals on Ebay as we type....

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    Excuse my ignorance but what is the "other site" and where in SC?

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    Quote Originally Posted by vwztips View Post
    ...what is the "other site"...
    Formerly popular, virtually all Polaris folks have moved to GreenHulk.

    PWCtoday is controlled by SBT (an engine rebuilder), and moderator conflicts of interest is one of the reasons for the migration to GH

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