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    Exhaust popping???

    Hey again guys, my 99 1200 make a "popping" noise at low speeds pulling away up until about 25-30mph then at top speed it seems to be gone. Runs fine just the popping is annoying. It has a d-plate and it also has a oil block off plate. Premixing it at 36:1. Motor has 6 hours on it and the whole ski has 47 hours on it. Any ideas??

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    any mods other than the dplate?

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    it's hard to explain but it sounds like the outlet of your exhaust is basically blowing bubbles with the water.

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    just the dplate and the oil block off plate...

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    Mabe........ running a bit rich on the low side.

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    Smile popping.......

    Had the same thing on my ski. SUV 1200 non-pv. Drove me crazy. Mine is all stock and changed engines over the winter due to an oil line failure. Rebuilt carbs..cleaned everything.. Pop is still there. My guess it is just the nature of the ski as I have been told others have the same noise/issue. Hope that helps!!!

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    This is normal - don't worry about it.

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    Thanks for the reply

    Thanks for the reply, Did you put a oil block off plate in??? I blew the motor last year in this one and had it rebuilt and it blew it again due to a oil line failure.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kcauley View Post
    Thanks for the reply, Did you put a oil block off plate in??? I blew the motor last year in this one and had it rebuilt and it blew it again due to a oil line failure.
    ITs never an oil pump failure!!Its always the oil lines because A) the factory cut them too short and with cat. converter heat they shrink,and also the outer scrunch protector actually expands working like a spring to pull your oil line off.also on seadoos the oil failure was also due to painted oil lines causing cracking at the curves.I have worked on all types of watercraft ,have over 600+ rebuilds to my credit and have yet to see ,a mikuni oil pump failure ,except when a young mechanic of mine ,cracked the housing by bolting it on a rental ski and had let it get out of line.So I still say mikuni oil pumps are one of the most reliable pieces of equipment or motor part,there is nothing to them except a concentric barrell with a lobe turning in it ,also always has fresh ,clean oil lubbing it.Its a racers tale that they are not reliable,ok they might not be as precise as mixing one pint to 6 gallons,But I have never seen the actual pump cause a failure ,(except on the original evenrude outboards 30+ yrs ago.on watercraft the two stroke mikuni pump is bullet proof as any engine part can be !!hey Just my opinion,have a great day>Marvin

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    I would like to clear some things up. A 99 GP12 does not have a cat-con which means the cat-con can't be replaced with a D plate.

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