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    Unhappy 93 seadoo no spark

    i have a 93 gtx, with a brand new battery, cranks great, gets proper air/fuel/oil. however, this 580 2 stroke wont start. ive traced it to there is no spark. there is power to the computer, but no power after it, and no power at the distributer. im hoping there is a simpler, and less expensive fix, than replacing the computer. any one got any good ideas?

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    maybe your kill switch has gone bad where the teather cord hooks on i have seen this happen if you open the grey box you can bypass the tether switch and see if it will start if that isnt the case maybe the magneto or stator is out or gone bad or the ignition coil but i would check the switch first sometimes if you try to crank it and hold the tether switch down and release it a bit it will fire or you can put an ohm meter on it and test it that way to see if it is working correctly. keep us posted

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    also check the stop button ( I think that one had two different buttons for start/stop)

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