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    GP 1300R removing fuel rail from F/A

    I'm in the process of installing D-plate and Riva race filter to my 06' (this forum is an awesome resource and I thank you very much...). The d-plate was pretty easy, but I gotta tell ya, the F/A body is a royal pain... . I finally got access to all clamps, etc., but for the life of me can't figure out how to remove the fuel rail from the underside of the plastic F/A case/body so I can install the race filter?

    Does it just pop off somehow?


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    ahhh a yami in the kawi section.!!

    Just playing welcome to greenhulk. Where speed begins and pockets get empty. Well some speed is free.

    Anyway You posted this in the kawi section but I do work on yamaha's just been a while since I have messed with the efi.

    If you repost this in the yam section someone will help you there.

    Thanks and good luck with your ski

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    Hey jon, lol. Well, I DO have an 02 STXR that i've got to mod this summer finally. Starting with a race filter on that too. gotta put the shims under the needle jett and trim the cap screw. hopfully there won't be any issues. At least the Kawi design has the intake accessible!!!!!!!


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