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    Smile 97sltx soft seized rings

    OK Finally got some time to write,on my customers sltx 1050s(3 of them) all bought for low dollars,both of the skis which needed pistons,had at least 2 of the L-rings that the carbon was so hard and built up the rings were stuck,so tight I had to use rubber hammer to get cylinders off,I couldnt move or even get any of the carbon off on two cylinders without breaking rings,I am wondering that perhaps this was caused by prev. owners running polaris tcw oil then when he bought them he switched to tcw3 ,plus he rides for extended 80 plus miles 3/4 and above throttle,sometimes until needing refueling.has anyone else had the carboning up of the 1050 rings,is it combination of his long rides and very cold water?both seized in winter,ok the one also had a cracked center piston ,but no stuck rings ,just a hairline crack across middle of crown(i know water ingestion) however the cylinders that seized in other ski were barely damaged just enough to warrant boring .010 but the rings are what got me,I have worked on l ringed seadoos and others for yrs without this problem.the seadoo were running S/D oil tcw.yet no problems.If these were new or I had known them for a few yrs I would have an idea but they were bought used with all compression ok ,before running ,I must say he put 50+ hrs on one and 30+ on the other before these problems surfaced.He is using tcw3 mercury racing (premium oil) any ideas ?>Marvin

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    I don't like TCW3 oil in high performance 2 strokes. It will gum up under heavy use. I don't understand why so many around here use it. TCW 3 oil is for a cross scavenged, low output outboard engine...not a loop scavenged high rpm watercraft/snowmobile engine. It is its "ashless" qualities that make it do that. A good quality "low ash" oil will not do that, granted it is not being over oiled and over fueled. I know Polaris used to state to use a TCW oil, but their "watercraft" oil is of the "low ash" composition.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mrjetskey View Post
    ...prev. owner's running Polaris tcw oil then when he bought them he switched to tcw3,
    plus he rides for extended 80 plus miles 3/4 and above throttle,
    ...combination of his long rides and very cold water?...
    I don't know about using the old TCW rated oil in Polaris PWC engine, but do these particular 1050 engines have the thermostat and by-pass plunger in place, or removed?

    You say very cold water

    Perhaps the combination of excessive (if thermostat is absent) engine cooling and the wrong oil caused the oil to collect on the cylinder walls and accumulate into the ring voids, and the oil then baked itself into carbon over time.

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    I used Penzoil semi senthitic (TCW3).I ride WOT or pretty close most of the time,with no trouble. When I bought a gallon at the end of last season to top off the tanks,I noticed it was a different color and smelled different.I thought it got mixed up with standard oil.

    This year, I checked all there oil and it all smells and looks different,It seems they changed their formula for some reason. Not sure why And not at all that happy with it,it smells more acid like.

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