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Thread: Carb tuning

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    Carb tuning

    Im setting up a set of carbs (stock PV 1300)

    1) should I drill returns in carbs.and install a jet in return line?
    2) if yes, what size jet should I use?
    3) will changing return jet size (fuel pressure) change popoff fuel in carbs. (be able to adjust low speed fuel from changing return line jet)?

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    What else have you done to them? Drilling the returns helps balance out the pressure in the fuel pumps of the three carbs, I use a 95 main jet for a restrictor. The carbs need to be set-up for and jetted properly for a 1300. some good info here

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    How did I know Bill was going to jump on this one? You just....can't....stay....away.

    Interesting question about fuel pressure vs. popoff. Popoff pressure refers to the amount of fuel pressure needed to push the needle away from the seat. No matter what the fuel pressure, the popoff remains the same.

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