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    Bimini Top Difference?

    I'm trying to spot the difference between bimini tops for Speedster 200 model that comes in 3 variations:
    Speedster 200
    Speedster 200 with wake tower
    Speedster (200) Wake.

    I know there must be different mounting points, depending on whether wake tower installed or no, but basically what I'm trying to see if bimini on WAKE model or 200 with wake tower is installed higher so that it allows to walk freely without crunching? I found few pictures of bimini installed on simple s200 and I dont see how I can stand freely under the bimini (if anyone who has it can confirm?), but what about Wake model? the way I see it the bimini should not block the rear view in the mirror installed on wake towers, and allow to walk and stand easily for spectators on the wake boat.
    does anyone knows or has pictures to find out for sure?

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    200 bolts to the boat itself

    200 with tower bolts to the tower

    200 wake bolts to the tower but is smaller to clear the speakers

    I have a 200wake, I bought the Bimini last year and maybe used it one time. Yes it does block the rear veiw alittle but not bad. It foes get it the way alittle too.

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    You have to duck under the the bimini on a standard 200, plenty of clearance while sitting, holds strong up to 50mph.

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    thanks a lot!

    very clear answers to my long post! glad you understood what I wanted to know precisely.

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