Ok so ive been taking my ski out battling either the tubing blowing off or apart and i managed to get about 5 min. worth of run time out of it before it blew again. I did notice that with my 15/20 prop pitched 2mm's and a 82 ring I was all over the rev limiter. This is with the stock ecu and 48's with what i seen to be 20lbs of boost which im going to back way off. I didnt think the stock Rev limiter was so nasty but it sounded like it was breaking up real bad. I deff need to stick in the Rotax and the 60's and I guess but in the 81 ring and a 15/22.5 prop. What kinda ideas you guys have about whats going on with my tubing im pretty sure bead rolled ends and good clamps are a must. What kind of tubing are you guys using that are making big boost and where can i get it? If you guys know of someone getting rid of a 15/22.5 or something similar, let me know thanks?