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    Exclamation 717, 718, and 720 engines explained

    Somebody please explain to me the differences between the 717 engine, 718 engine, and the 720 engine. Somewhere I read that the 720 might have a flatter dome- meaning piston selection is more limited. Is this rumor or fact???

    I’m about to order Pro-X pistons at 82.5mm (which is .5mm oversized) for two 1996 GTI’s I am rebuilding. Per the manual the 717 engine (white in color) is standard… but one of the skis has a single carb and the other has the two carbs. One Wiseco manual I found claimed the 1996 GTI’s had the 718 engine! What is the difference between all these engine numbers and what advantage is the 1 carb setup???

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    It is the same engine.

    Rotax designates a marine engine by ending the number with a 7. Thus 587/657/717/787/947 indicates that these were produced for watercraft as opposed to aviation or snowmobile, ect.

    A 717 gets rounded up from time to time to 720. If I rememeber right, it is 718cc but do not hold me to that.

    There is no difference between a single and dual carb 717 other than the location of the pulse hose fitting on the cases (and that changes if the cases were ever changed).

    The '96 shows that it could have come in single or dual carb configuration but there is no difference in the pistons.

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