What do you guys think about my setup? . 07 RXP
Stock ECU
Homemade 4Ē front intake
XS intercooler
50 lbs injectors with dual regulators, (BEGI/ Turbosmart setup) Thanks for the posts Mark S
Rear Exhaust w/stock waterbox
Riva grate
Solas 15/22R
OPAS removed
158 F Thermostat
I will be running this setup for the first time this weekend, if the impeller arrives. Need to adjust regulators to dial in AFR and see what RPM I will be turning. Iím going to set base Fuel Pressure at 35 PSI on the Turbosmart rrfpr. Using regulated air I will set the BEGI fuel pressure to a static fuel pressure of 70 psi at 13 lbs of boost. Hopefully this will get me in the Ball Park. Iím thinking this will be a decent starting point based on some of the posts Iíve read about the BEGI setup. Iíll tweak both regulators from there to dial in the AFR using my LM1. Iím going to start with an 81mm ring in the nozzle too. Any thoughts? Looking for some advice from those who are more experienced than me before I head out to the creek for testing and adjusting.